Our aim is not primarily to generate heat in an energy-efficient manner, rather,one of our most important goals is an aesthetically gentle treatment of the exciting element fire, (security, efficiency and high degree of functionality may be taken for granted).

We think that fire isn't well-served by a frame which renders itself all too autonomous. In our opinion sleek forms and cool metal colours are best-suited to bring out the glowing colours and lively motion of the flames.

Thanks to a combination of modern metalworking techniques and perfectly applied traditionol handicraft, today almost any imaginable shape and form is actually achievable. Nevertheless all our models bear an unmistakable signature: clear metal volumes, which actively participate in the shaping of their environment.

Most of the designs evolve out of the architect-contractor dialogue and the familiarization with the spatial concept of the room for which the fireplace is planned.

Each of the models is based on recognizable principles of design: Proportions,curves ond soft swinging lines, but also sharp edges and pointed angles are applied in such a way that they form clear contours easily to comprehend from all directions - but which never become dull and sterile. We try to keep the play of formal tensions so controlled that our fire-places don't threaten to dominate the room.

All details, such as invisible fastenings, handles, volves, hinges, pipe-joints etc., are individually developed and produced in our workshop for every single model.